The practising doctors at Palmers Medical Centre do MIXED BILLING, Fee charged for consultations. OPEN EVERYDAY THIS HOLIDAY / CHRISTMAS PERIOD 2023.



We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions with this summarised information. But if there is more information you need, please contact our helpful reception staff at Truganina or Woodlea.

Feel free to send us your Feedback or Questions by using the contact form. 

Feedback & Questions

Please note that your details will be treated confidentially. We welcome constructive feedback which will help us to improve our services.

Yes, we do send SMS messages for various reasons including 

 – Appointment Alerts

 – Results Follow-ups

– Health Reminders

– Medicare bulk billing confirmation

We expect that you follow prompts to complete the required steps.

Our clinic mobile nos where SMS messages are sent are:

Truganina – 0484 755 395

Woodlea – 0438 025 168

(Please save these mobile nos under Palmers Medical so you know for sure it is a message from us)

Yes, our systems are equipped with sending SMS messages for most appointments. If you are not getting SMS messages please let our staff know at your next visit.

We expect that you confirm the appointment by replying YES.

If you do not reply to SMS we will still assume that you are coming.

If you do not want to come to the appointment please reply NO.

Our clinic mobile nos where SMS messages are sent are:

Truganina – 0484 755 395

Woodlea – 0438 025 168

(Please save these mobile nos under Palmers Medical so you know for sure it is a message from us)

Late cancellation or no show fee apply if you do not show up for your appointment and do not cancel it 2 hours (24 hours for Long Appointments, procedures and allied Health) prior to the appointment time.

  • A message will usually be left by our staff if you have a voicemail service. Please check your voicemail as the message may be regarding a reminder for an outstanding test due or results. If you aren’t expecting this information, please give reception a call.

You are eligible for telehealth or telephone appointment only if you have visited one of the doctors at the practice in person in the last 12 months. There maybe some exceptions based on Medicare rules. Please access the upto date Medicare Guidelines here.  If you are not eligible for Telehealth but want to get one our doctors can help you out but you cannot claim any Medicare rebate for it. If in doubt please call the reception to find out. 

Yes we do but only at specific times. We do them during

  • Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm
  • Saturdays 10am to 3pm

We have a walk-in service available for those who need a doctor due to unforeseen or urgent circumstances. 

However please note that:

  • There will be an out of pocket fee of $40 for all walk-in patients, irrespective of concession cards or age.
  • Reception staff cannot advice walk-in patients of an approximate wait time.
  • You will be seen by the next available doctor.
  • If you want to see a specific doctor, reception staff will book the next available appointment for that doctor, which could be later in the day or next day.
  • At certain times due to doctor’s unavailability, we may not be able to offer a walk-in appointment unless for emergencies as triaged by the staff.
  • If unsure please ring ahead to check.

 Our staff do their best to ensure patients are seen with minimal wait time, your assistance and understanding in this will help us to make this process run smoothly.

We highly recommend that you wear fitted face masks, in particular if any of the following apply to you:

  • Asked to self isolate
  • Waiting for a COVID test result
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore/scratchy throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Loss of taste or smell

NO, We do not do COVID testing onsite at either Palmers Medical Centres in Truganina or Woodlea.

  • If you receive a link from Palmers Medical Recalls it is safe to click on the links. You will be required to provide your name and DOB to verify your identity, in order to be able to advise you what you were contacted for.
  • Reception don’t have access to incoming test results. The usual waiting time for most results is 3-5 days unless advised otherswise by the doctor or pathology. You may book an appointment to obtain your results after 5 days or if your symptoms persists/increase do not wait for the test results. If in doubt you can also check with the pathology or radiology provider if your results are sent over already.

To access our afterhour GP services 

  • If you are patient of Truganina centre please call 03 9908 2550
  • If you are a patient of Woodlea centre please call 13 26 60
  • All patients are charged full fee for the vist. Patients with private insurance can claim some of their fee back from their insurer. Please see our fees at Truganina and Woodlea.  Please check with your insurance company prior to your visit.
  • Whilst our doctors are not specialists, some have special interests in their fields. If a patient needs to see a specialist, our doctors will be able to discuss your needs and offer a referral to your desired specialist if needed.
  • All doctors have access to a patients’ previous history, results and reports, whilst your preferred GP is away, another Doctor will be happy to be of assistance.
  • Please fill in the feedback form on this page with your constructive feedback or comments. We would like to take on board ideas or suggestions which will help elevate the service of our Medical Centres. 
  • Please see our Pathology opening times and operating days at Truganina and Woodlea.
  • Please note that none of the location Pathologies do COVID testing
  • Please note that at times our doctors are faced with emergencies, and some appointments may take longer than others, which may cause a delay in your appointment time. Please be patient as we do our best to see each patient within the allotted timeframe. It is important to book an appointment for each individual patient.

Our practice or individual medical and clinical team members have the right to refuse to treat patients in defined circumstances. In these circumstances, our practice ensures arrangements are made for the timely transfer of the patients care to another member of the medical or clinical team in our practice or to another practice.

Any refusal to treat a patient is done for substantial reasons, not based on discrimination (gender, sexual preference, religion, race, illness type).

Reasons that may give rise for a general practitioner or a member of the clinical team to no longer consider it appropriate to treat a particular patient include a breakdown in the practitioner/patient relationship, patient threats or aggressive behaviour, patient requests for treatment outside stipulated guidelines, overloaded practice or patients with conditions outside the range treated by the practitioner.

Patients in emergency situations will always be treated to the best of our ability.

Our practice will endeavour to assist such patients with ongoing care, including the provision of a written referral to other healthcare providers and a transfer of any medical history.

We are now a private clinic, which means there will be out of pocket fee for all patients, including those with Medicare card.

Please check our website fee section for details.

Please enquire at the reception for other fee and charges including for Allied Health staff or specialists prior to your appointment.