We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions with this summarised information. But if there is more information you need, please contact our helpful reception staff at Truganina or Woodlea.

Feel free to send us your Feedback or Questions by using the contact form. 

Feedback & Questions

Please note that your details will be treated confidentially. We welcome constructive feedback which will help us to improve our services.
  • A message will usually be left by our staff if you have a voicemail service. Please check your voicemail as the message may be regarding a reminder for an outstanding test due or results. If you aren’t expecting this information, please give reception a call.

You are eligible for telehealth or telephone appointment only if you have visited one of the doctors at the practice in person in the last 12 months. If in doubt please call the reception to find out.

  • If you receive a link from Palmers Medical Recalls it is safe to click on the links. You will be required to provide your name and DOB to verify your identity, in order to be able to advise you what you were contacted for.
  • Reception don’t have access to incoming test results. The usual waiting time for most results is 3-5 days unless advised otherswise by the doctor or pathology. You may book an appointment to obtain your results after 5 days or if your symptoms persists/increase do not wait for the test results.
  • Bulk billing is available for valid Medicare Card Holders only, all other patients are charged upfront for their visit. Please see our fees at Truganina and Woodlea
  • Whilst our doctors are not specialists, some have special interests in their fields. If a patient needs to see a specialist, our doctors will be able to discuss your needs and offer a referral to your desired specialist if needed.
  • All doctors have access to a patients’ previous history, results and reports, whilst your preferred GP is away, another Doctor will be happy to be of assistance.
  • Please fill in the feedback form on this page with your constructive feedback or comments. We would like to take on board ideas or suggestions which will help elevate the service of our Medical Centres. 
  • Please see our Pathology opening times and operating days at Truganina and Woodlea.
  • Please note that at times our doctors are faced with emergencies, and some appointments may take longer than others, which may cause a delay in your appointment time. Please be patient as we do our best to see each patient within the allotted timeframe. It is important to book an appointment for each individual patient.